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from podcast host to personal coach

As the host of the widely acclaimed The StageLeft Podcast, I've had the privilege of providing personalized support to members of renowned bands including; Radiohead,  The 1975 and Bastille, focusing on their well-being.

Through insightful interviews on The StageLeft Podcast, I've engaged with influential figures such as Kate Nash, Tony Visconti, and members from iconic bands like Oasis, Guns N’ Roses, and Kraftwerk, delving into discussions surrounding well-being in the music industry.
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the coaching services i offer are;

Personal Coaching

Have you fulfilled your potential?

If you have, well done, Chris can help lift that ceiling even higher.

If not, don’t worry, there’s still time.


Chris can provide one to one support to help you identify where things are going well in life and see how you might amplify those successes, and also identify the blockers to your success and work out a step by step plan to overcome them.

As a personal coach and external perspective, Chris can work with you to identify what's currently working for you in your life and help you amplify these successes. 

Additionally, they can help you identify obstacles that may be hindering your progress and develop a practical strategy to overcome them step by step.

Coaching can help with;

Improving an important relationship

Better managing time or priorities

Deciding next steps in career

Improving performance problems at work

Entering into a new job

Restructuring a team or organisation

Learning how to better present ideas

Refocusing energy in learning

Launching a freelance career

Tackling stress / work-life balance

Conquering avoidances & procrastination

Finding your “personal voice” & creativity

Pricing: - £495+VAT for an arc of 6 Coaching sessions.

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